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1000 Most Important Words (Selected)

Selected and modified from a list of the 1000 Most Important Words. PDF

Ageing and Death

Some common and not so common words and phrases related to Ageing and Death. PDF

Combination Words

Many scientific words are based either on combinations of prefixes/suffixes of Greek, Latin, Indo-European or other origin linked to descriptive words or are combinations of short independent words included together as part of descriptive phrases. Examples of combination links include: af- (inward; toward), ecto- (outside; outer), endo- (inside; on the surface), ef- (outward; away), exo- (outside; without), geno- (inherited), geo- (rock), meso- (middle), meta- (occurring after; later; beyond), -ology (study of), -omics (a field of study), onto- (being), tauto- (same), venti- (wind; force), etc. On the other hand, many common word combination start with “in …”. PDF

Publication Ethics


Grammar Help

Grammer Girl

Which Versus That
Mar 21, 2008 ... Get Grammar Girl's take on which versus that. Learn the difference between the two words and how to correctly use them in your writing.
Affect Versus Effect
Jul 29, 2008 ... Get Grammar Girl's take on effect versus affect. Learn the differences between affect and effect.
Use” Versus “Utilize
Mar 13, 2009 ... Get Grammar Girl's take on use versus utilize and pled versus pleaded. Learn which words are correct and which are down right wrong.

Common Errors in English Usage

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