2019 Smerdon/Reeves Lecture

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2019 Smerdon/Reeves Lecture

Welcome to the web page for the 2019 Smerdon/Reeves Lecture, taking place on Thursday, April 4, 2019 at the Residence Inn -- Pullman.

Conference Information

Residence Inn -- Pullman, WA

April 4, 2019


Come hear six exciting experts in the areas of DNA repair and chromatin speak about compelling new developments in this area of basic cancer research.



10:00am: Michael Smerdon, Reg. Prof., WSU-Pullman

Odyssey of a Biophysicist: Exploring DNA Repair in Chromatin

10:30am: Peng Mao, Res. Assoc. Prof., WSU-Pullman

Genome-wide Analysis of Base Excision Repair

11:00am Kyle Miller, Assoc. Prof., Univ. of TX-Austin

Genome Integrity and DNA Damage Up Proteins

12:00pm Keynote Speaker

Yesenia Rodriguez

IRTA Fellow, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Regulation of AP Endonuclease 1 Activity by Intrinsic and Extrinsic Features of the Nucleosome Core

1:15pm Lunch Break

2:00pm Jiyue Zhu, Professor, WSU-Spokane

Humanizing Telomerase Regulation in Mice

2:30pm Alexander Brown, PD & Adj. Prof., WSU-Vancouver

Chromatin Drives Mutation Signatures in Melanoma

3:00pm Discussion & Social

4:00pm Finish



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