SMB Faculty Profiles

Nathan Law

Nathan Law

Postdoctoral Scholar

Oatley Lab

Room: BLS 240
Lab Phone: 509-335-6462


My research experience thus far has primarily focused on the molecular mechanisms that govern both male and female reproduction. My previous research aimed to elucidate how FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) shapes the transcriptome of ovarian granulosa cells during follicle maturation to promote ovulation. I characterized the mechanisms by which FSH activates multiple signaling pathways and harnesses several key transcription factors to achieve massive shifts in gene expression. To diversify my research background, I joined the laboratory of Dr. Jon Oatley as a postdoctoral research fellow in October 2016. In Dr. Oatley’s lab, we study the molecular underpinnings that dictate the spermatogonial stem cell (SSC) state, including those involved in maintenance and self-renewal. SSCs are the cornerstone from which males produce millions of sperm each day. Currently, I am interested in the molecular mechanisms that govern slow SSC proliferation and the cell cycle dynamics of quiescence in SSCs.

Washington State University