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Breeana Hubbard

Breeana Hubbard


Room: BLS 455
Phone: 509-335-7714


My previous work focused on diseases where alternative means for diagnosis such as culture or use of molecular probes were ineffective, not practical or did not meet the needs for point-of-care use. The approach we used was through the detection of biomarkers of disease—molecules that are produced by microbes, tumors or other conditions that are unique to the disease or condition. The test platform was an immunoassay in which antibodies were used for biomarker detection. We discovered the biomarkers and developed the antibodies that were central to assay construction. My doctoral work focused on generating a diagnostic test that could be used for pre-emptive treatment of suspected invasive fungal disease (IFD). The approach involved the detection of polysaccharide antigens that are shed by all of the fungi that may cause IFD.


Washington State University