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Online Courses

Online Courses

Why take courses Online?

Online courses are offered during the academic year and summer sessions and can be used to resolve scheduling conflicts, accelerate progress toward undergraduate or graduate degree completion, enhance competitiveness in applying for jobs or advanced degrees, or earn continuing education (CEU) credits. For example, MBioS 301 and 303 online courses meet requirements for WSU BS degrees in Biology, Zoology, Biochemisty, Genetics & Cell Biology, Microbiology and Chemical Engineering. The SMB Professional Science Masters degree program linked to under "Graduate Studies" at left allows you to take an entire graduate program online. All online courses fullfill the same science and education course requirements as the classroom versions.

Who teaches MBIOS courses Online?

The same internationally recognized School of Molecular Bioscience faculty who teach in classrooms at Washington State University offer online versions of their courses.

What courses are available?

A complete list of MBioS online courses can be found below, along with links to the course descriptions.

How do I apply to take an online course?

To enroll in an online course offered by the School of Molecular Biosciences, contact the SMB Online Programs Director, Dr. Erika Offerdahl (, or go to Online Admissions.

Courses Offered:

An up to date list of courses offered can be found by going to and searching for courses by semester and academic discipline under the heading "Molecular Biosciences" or "MBIOS".

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