Graduate Certificate

Gradute Certificate

Professional Molecular Sciences Graduate Certificate

Molecular Biosciences is an interdisciplinary area melded from the formerly isolated fields of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, microbiology, and molecular biology. The intersection of these fields serves as the foundation for much of modern biotechnology, medical research, and interdisciplinary fields like biological chemistry and biological physics.

Completion of the graduate certificate courses will be invaluable in career development in many different interdisciplinary fields. The certificate can be obtained on the Pullman campus or anywhere in the United States through online courses offered by WSU Global Campus. All online courses in the certificate are taught and were developed by WSU faculty. 

    Admission Requirements

    Students must be simultaneously enrolled in a graduate-degree granting program at Washington State University as either full-time or part-time students, or in the case of post-graduate professional, receive permission from the certificate administrators.

    After completing the course work, current WSU graduate students must submit an application for Graduation for Graduate Certificate, obtaining the signature of the Associate Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Molecular Biosciences. For more information, visit the Graduate School website.

    Program Requirements

     Course # Course Title Campus Credits
     Required Science Course
     MBIOS 503Advanced Molecular Biology I Pullman , Online  3 credits
     Other Science Courses - Choose one course
     MBIOS 501 Cell Biology Pullman, Online 3 credits
     MBIOS 513General Biochemistry  Pullman, Online 3 credits 
     MBIOS 578Bioinformatics  Pullman, Online  3 credits 
     MBIOS 584Medical Genetics  Pullman, Online 3 credits
     Professional Courses - choose 6 credits
      One course only from any of the following five areas:
     1.  ETHICS
     PHIL 530Bioethics Pullman, Online  2 credits 
     PHIL 532Seminar in Business EthicsOnline  3 credits
     PHIL 535Advanced Biomedical EthicsOnline 3 credits
     MBIOS 580Science Information LiteracyOnline 2 credits 
     ENGL 562Writing & Rhetoric in Science & Technology Online 3 credits 
     ENGL 495Rhetoric of Science & TechnologyOnline 3 credits
     COM 541Science CommunicationOnline 3 credits 
     ENTRP 486Launching New Ventures Pullman, Online  3 credits 
     E_M 505Finance for Technical Systems Online  3 credits 
     E_M 508Legal Concepts/Eng & Tech ManagersOnline 3 credits 
     E_M 501Management of Organizations (not offered after Summer 2021)
    Online 3 credits 
     E_M 522Leading People and Organizations (formerly Leadership, Supervision and Management)
    Online  3 credits 
     E_M 564Project Management Online 3 credits
     E_M 575Managing Innovation: Strategy & Performance
    Online 3 credits
     MBIOS 583Professional Skills SeminarOnline 1 credit

    Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in coursework required for the completion of this certificate. Substitution of courses may occur after approval from the Director of the Professional Sciences Master degree program and the Associate Director for Graduate Studies in the School of Molecular Biosciences. Please note that if you have credit for the conjoined courses MBios 401, MBios 413, MBios 478, you cannot get credit/ enroll in MBios 501, MBios 513, or MBios 578.

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