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A Note From the Director

A note from the Director.

Happy 2019, and here’s to another productive year of scientific and professional development. This spring 19 semester we admitted 2 new students, and currently we have 15 students who are active in the program. In the fall we had two PSM graduations, Drew Becker and Kelly Husted, so we are continuing to recruit and graduate students every semester and summer session.  Our average semester enrollment usually hovers around 15 to 18 students, and this year we are launching an aggressive marketing campaign, so please spread all the benefits of earning a PSM degree to all your employers, acquaintances and friends.

As you know our PSM degree is affiliated through the NPSMA (National Professional Science Master’s Association), and please be reminded that first year students get a free one year membership. In addition I am on the planning committee for the 2019 NPSMA national conference which will be held in Utah on Nov 7th and 8th, and I want to encourage you all  to attend, in particular if you are interested in participating in the student five minute project (5MP) presentation competition.   

Currently we are working on a new PSM web site, the design of which was aided by the work completed as part of a PSM internship. In the new design you will see the inclusion of informative videos.  Also, I want to remind you about two new courses that we are offering in summer 19:  MBios 585 Molecular Biotechniques (2 credits, online) and MBios 586 Molecular Biotechniques Lab (1 credit, Pullman).

Finally, I want to remind you all about our annual SMB retreat and PSM workshop that will take place the week of Aug 12th on the Pullman campus. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow graduate students and SMB faculty and staff.

 Have a great year!

 Norah McCabe


Washington State University