Internship Agreement and Proposal

Internship Proposal

One month prior to the start of the Internship, students must submit a complete internship proposal with the assistance of their internship mentor and Chair of their graduate committee. The proposal should be approved by all members of the student's graduate committee, at least 10 days prior to the anticipated start date of the internship. The following items must be included in the complete internship proposal:

  1. Internship Agreement (Internship Agreement)
  2. Proposal
    • Internship Location: a brief summary of the workplace, including the nature of the work, complete address(es), phone and e-mail contact details of the internship mentor, and any compensation/ reimbursement provided.
    • Internship: the title and a brief summary of your responsibilities.
    • Internship Timeline: list specific beginning and ending dates, number of work hours/week, and total number of hours you will spend on this internship.
    • Internship Description: describe in detail what the aims of the internship are, what you will be doing, and how you will be doing it. If your internship is a research project, the background, hypothesis, methodology, and references must be included.
    • Internship Outcomes: explain what new skills and/or knowledge you hope to acquire during this internship.
    • Internship Evaluation: how will your mentor evaluate your performance? Identify specific parameters to be assessed.
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA):  Please note that if the internship work is confidential and will require a non-disclosure agreement, please ensure that the paperwork is submitted in a timely fashion to SMB Academic Coordinator at for correct WSU processing.
  3. A resume written with the goal to secure this specific internship.

A copy of the approved complete internship proposal (items 1, 2 and 3), should be submitted to the SMB Academic Coordinator by email to or faxed to 509-335-1907 before the beginning of the internship.

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