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MBioS PSM Degree - FAQ


Q I am currently seeking a Master’s degree in sciences, but would like to continue on to earn a PSM when I am finished. Could I start taking some of the required courses for the PSM before I graduate with the first Master’s?

A The Policies and Procedures for the Graduate School at WSU state that up to a total of 12 hours of graduate credits that have been applied toward a master's degree at WSU may be applied toward a second master's degree. Such credit will be granted only for graded course work completed with a grade of "B" or higher and is subject to departmental recommendation and approval by the Graduate School. No credit in 600- and higher-level courses completed before fulfillment of all requirements for the first master's degree may be applied toward a second master's degree.

Q I am currently a WSU graduate student, is it possible for me to get a waiver for the application fee?

A Yes, in some circumstances the application fee can be waived. In order to have the fee waiver you must contact the graduate school for approval.

Q I am a K-12 teacher and ready to begin a master's degree. I ran across the Professional Science Masters and am curious. How long is the program? Would I be able to continue working my teaching job simultaneously? Is the majority of coursework online?

A Yes, the courses can be taken online and depending on your schedule it can be earned either part-time or full-time. We are constantly updating our webpage so please check it when you have time.'s-degree

Q I was recently enrolled at WSU (Tri-Cities). I was earning a MS in Environmental Science. I had to relocate prior to completing my degree. At the time, this program was unavailable. I would like to know if I could apply the 15 credits I previously earned toward this degree?

A We would have to review your transcript to determine what courses could transfer over. As you did not earn a Master's degree, you could potentially use all 15 credits.

Q I currently live and work in another state. Can the PSM program be completed entirely online?

A The complete PSM can be completed online. Please review the current webpage about the PSM and the required internship -'s-degree. The internship can be completed in your current workplace or in a different workplace.