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MBioS Professional Science Masters Degree


The Professional Science Master's Degree in Molecular Biosciences (PSM-MB) offered through SMB earned re-affiliation through the National Professional Science Master's Association (NPSMA) in Dec. 2017.

Designed in collaboration with industry professionals, the PSM degree ensures that graduates are workplace ready.

PSM graduates acquire both STEM disciplinary expertise and high-value, transferable professional skills to prepare them for successful employment.

The First PSM Degree in Washington State

The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) in molecular biosciences is designed to help students transition into the workplace by training them in skills that employers need. The interdisciplinary option is available online, or students can choose to take some courses on the Pullman campus.

The PSM combines science with training in ethics, business, management, and communication, bridging the gap between academia and the workplace. One career-oriented aspect of the program is that it requires a business internship rather than a thesis. The nationwide shortage of scientists with managerial and business training means PSM graduates will be well positioned for employment.

The PSM can be obtained completely online, or on-campus or in a hybrid format. The core components of the minimum 33-credit PSM, are courses in molecular biosciences, one course from each of 5 Professional core areas in Ethics, Communication, Business Focus, Management and Skills Seminar and a workplace based Internship. The PSM is an excellent career choice for:

  • Recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree in science who want to expand their science knowledge and develop the business skills needed to enter their chosen career.
  • Midcareer professionals seeking advancement and enrichment in their current careers.
  • K-12 science teachers seeking additional education for career promotion and increased compensation.

SMALLS, HayleyPSM Student Spotlight:  Hayley Smalls

Our current spotlight is on PSM graduate Hayley Smalls.  Hayley graduated with her PSM-Molecular Biosciences degree in August 2018.  She completed her internship entitled "Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Efficacy of Teaching Strategies at the Community College Level" at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA.

Read what Hayley had to say about her PSM degree experience:

"My name is Hayley Smalls and I am originally from Tacoma, Washington. I attended Washington State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience. I moved to Orange County following the confirmation of my undergraduate degree to work in a research lab at the University of California-Irvine. Throughout my experience in research labs, hospitals, and clinics, I had noticed that knowledge in both business and science was critical. Scientists are continuously tasked with organizing projects, marketing, budgeting, and drawing on a background of ethics to make daily decisions. The PSM builds on science knowledge through a series of advanced science courses and exposes students to other professional, soft skills that are highly desirable in the business sector. As such, I was drawn towards pursuing a Professional Science Master’s Degree in Molecular Bioscience

I am now a community college instructor in the biological sciences. Due to my coursework in project management and ethics through the PSM, I am able to solve problems that arise in my classrooms. I utilize skills learned in marketing and international business to communicate and market careers in STEM to marginalized student populations. The emphasis on critical thinking, collaboration, and becoming a more effective science communicator are skills I utilize daily as an instructor."


A Note From the Director

Happy 2019, and here’s to another productive year of scientific and professional development. This spring 19 semester we admitted 2 new students, and currently we have 15 students who are active in the program. In the fall we had two PSM graduations, Drew Becker and Kelly Husted, so we are continuing to recruit and graduate students every semester and summer session.  Our average semester enrollment usually hovers around 15 to 18 students, and this year we are launching an aggressive marketing campaign, so please spread all the benefits of earning a PSM degree to all your employers, acquaintances and friends.

As you know our PSM degree is affiliated through the NPSMA (National Professional Science Master’s Association), and please be reminded that first year students get a free one year membership. In addition I am on the planning committee for the 2019 NPSMA national conference which will be held in Utah on Nov 7th and 8th, and I want to encourage you all  to attend, in particular if you are interested in participating in the student five minute project (5MP) presentation competition.   

Currently we are working on a new PSM web site, the design of which was aided by the work completed as part of a PSM internship. In the new design you will see the inclusion of informative videos.  Also, I want to remind you about two new courses that we are offering in summer 19:  MBios 585 Molecular Biotechniques (2 credits, online) and MBios 586 Molecular Biotechniques Lab (1 credit, Pullman).

Finally, I want to remind you all about our annual SMB retreat and PSM workshop that will take place the week of Aug 12th on the Pullman campus. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow graduate students and SMB faculty and staff.

 Have a great year!

 Norah McCabe


Learn more about the PSM:

PSM - Frequently Asked Questions


PSM degree ranked as one of best in nation:

AC Best Online Colleges Biololgy 2016 The PSM degree in Molecular Biosciences at WSU has been ranked as one of the top online Biology degrees in the nation for 2015-16 by Affordable Colleges Online

PSM Final Exam Presentations:

Current WSU students, faculty and staff may view PSM Final Exam Presentation videos by going to the link below. WSU Net ID and password are required. Others interested in viewing one of these presentations should contact the PSM Academic Coordinator at for further information.

PSM Final Exam Presentations (internal)

PSM Workshop - August 2017

PSM Workshop Presentation 

PSM Graduates:

Drew Becker:  Dec 2018

Kelly Husted:  Dec 2018

Amanda Grimm: Aug 2018

Hayley Smalls: Aug 2018

Heather Maylor-Hagen: Aug 2018

Gregory Goh: Dec 2017

Inje Paek: Dec 2017

Aaditi Lele: Aug 2017

Dana Maestas: Aug 2017 

Joshua Hansen:  May 2017

Christopher Kinzel: May 2017

Julie Schwabe: May 2017 

Stacy Martin:  Dec 2016

Charisma Jenkins:  Aug. 2016

Karlie Bagan:  May 2016

Kent Bloodsworth: Dec 2015

Kristina Hoffman: Dec 2015

Wendi Russac: Dec 2015

Rachael Fasnacht: May 2015

Stacey Gregersen: May 2015

Bryionne Heim: May 2015

Tanis Jimenez: May 2015

J. Michael Mackay: May 2015

Saint Inman: May 2014

LaQuita Brock: Dec. 2013

Brandi Heath: Dec. 2013

Brandon Kyriss: Dec. 2013

Chelsea Pickett: Dec. 2013

Jean Paul Tousignant: Dec. 2013

Rachelle Rozsonits: July 2013

Archie Hoggan: June 2013

Cordy Herring: Feb 2013

Brian Wasicek: Mar 2013

Eleni Alexiou: 2011

Chandima Bandaranayaka: 2011

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