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Molecular Biosciences can be viewed as a dynamic continuum in which approaches derived from chemistry, physics and biology are utilized to address the fundamental mechanisms of living things. The School of Molecular Biosciences offers exciting opportunities for students to explore a wide range of future career paths in the life sciences. More->

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SMB News and Announcements

  • Congratulation to Drs. Cynthia Cooper and Susan Wang!

    Mar 23, 2015
    Congratulation to Drs. Cynthia Cooper and Susan Wang in being promoted to associate professor with tenure. Dr. Cooper is based in Vancouver and is researching melanocyte functions using the zebrafish model organism. Dr. Wang is on the Pullman campus and studies enzymes required by some organisms for antibiotic biosynthesis.

  • 2015 Albert M. Kligman Travel Fellowship

    Mar 05, 2015

    Dr. Sho Hiroyasu, a post-doctoral researcher in the lab of Jonathan Jones, has been awarded a 2015 Albert M. Kligman Travel Fellowship to attend the annual meeting of the Society of Investigative Dermatology in May in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to the fellowship, Dr. Hiroyasu has been invited to give a minisymposium talk at the meeting. His presentation will be entitled ‘Collagen XVII regulates actin dynamics and traction forces in motile keratinocytes’.

    More information on the 2015 SID Annual Meeting may be found here

  • Natalie Peer wins 2nd place in the 2015 Wiley Exposition

    Feb 26, 2015

    We are very pleased to announce that Natalie Peer has been selected as the 2nd place winner in the Medical and Life Sciences category for her outstanding oral presentation. She will be receiving a $500 scholarship for her efforts.

    This year’s event was the most competitive event that was hosted, with over three hundred applications in the initial round of submissions, and over a hundred and fifty presentations taking place the day of the event. There was an overwhelming amount of cutting-edge research and scholarship on display, and all are to be commended for their efforts.

    More information on Dr. Wiley and the other winners may be found here

  • DNA Repair in Chromatin: The First 40 years (and Beyond) at Washington State University

    Jan 28, 2015
    1st Biennial Chromatin-DNA Repair Lecture at Washington State University, May 21 – May 23, 2015. Visit for more information.

Upcoming Events & Seminars

  • Mar 30, 2015 02:10 PM

    SMB Seminar Series
    Gunner P. Johnston
    Lassa Virus Entry Requires a Trigger-Induced Receptor Switch
    2:10 pm
    BLS 402

  • Apr 02, 2015 12:10 PM

    Novel Anti-Tumor Activity of Targeted LSD1 Inhibition by GSK2879552
    Presented by
    Dr. Helai Mohammad
    April 2, 2015
    BLS 402

  • Apr 06, 2015 02:10 PM

    "Physiological, Biochemical, and Structural Characterization of Carbonic Anhydrases and their role in Calcification and Growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa"
    Presented by 
    Dr.  Shalaka Lotlikar
    April 6, 2015
    BLS 402

  • Apr 08, 2015 09:10 AM

    PhD defense
    Marshall L. DeLine
    a candidate for the degree in Molecular Biosciences
    presents the seminar
    Fatty Acid Epoxides Produced by Cytochrome P450s Mediate the Deleterious Effects of Dietary DGLA in the C. elegans Germ Line
    Wednesday, April 8th
    9:10 am
    BLS 402

  • Apr 09, 2015 12:10 PM

    Dr. Bob Goldman
    April 9, 2015
    12:10pm - 1:00pm
    BLS 402

  • Apr 09, 2015 12:10 PM

    Presented by
    Dr. Cathryn Hogarth
    April 9, 2015
    BLS 402

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